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Samuel Laycock School

School Council

Our School Council

At Samuel Laycock we work closely as a team. Our School Council plays an important role in making positive changes and it provides the opportunity for students to express their suggestions and feedback of our school. Our council consists of students from each class which allows pupils to feedback issues that have been addressed.

The school council also do regular assemblies on topics such as anti-bullying and internet safety.


Why have a School Council?

We want the School Council to have their say!

Children have Rights.

The United Nations convention on the Rights of the child states in article 12- "Children have the right to express the views they have and those views should be listened to in anything that affects them.”

gets us involved - education should be done with us not to us.

gives all pupils a chance to talk about things they are unhappy about (and happy!)

gets good ideas from pupils.

helps to make us pupils feel we are part of the school team.

helps keep us happy.

Electing a School Council


All students have the opportunity to stand for School Council.  Each candidate has to produce a manifesto of why they should be elected and present this in assembly. Students then vote on Election Day on who they would like to be on the School Council.

Our School Council members 2019/2020