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Samuel Laycock School

School Core Offer

The Core Offer 

While students are studying at Samuel Laycock Special school we intend that our curriculum will inspire them towards independence, and in doing so become well-rounded citizens.  This is achieved by learning about:  

  • the world that they live in. 
  • the skills they need to be effective in the world. 
  • how to be confident, caring, safe citizens.

In order for our students to gain the most out of their time with us, each lesson is designed around the skills required to be successful for that subject.  For example, this may require students to have knowledge of maps skills in Geography or Microsoft PowerPoint in Computing lessons.  By focusing more on skills rather than content, the curriculum enables our students to develop skills that will be essential for success beyond their time at Samuel Laycock.  

As preparation for adulthood is essential for our students, they receive one session of PSHE (personal, social and health education) per day as well as two lessons per week.  However, the subject is also seen as the ‘golden thread’ throughout the curriculum and is expected to be focused on in each lesson throughout the day. 

Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a broad and balanced curriculum.  Each day students will be taught the core lessons of Mathematics, English and PSHE.  In addition, students will have weekly experiences of a Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish), PE, Computing, Music, Science, Geography, History and Art & Technology. 

In Years 10 and 11, students are working towards qualifications that will gain them entry into college.  These include Entry Level or Functional Skills qualifications in Mathematics and English.  In addition, students will complete ASDAN modules that contribute to a Personal Development Award of either Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Students continue to have one session of PSHE per day and subjects such as PE, Music and Computing are still part of the curriculum.  

In order to prepare our students for a successful transition into college, Year 11 students participate in Enrichment Days.  These are weekly opportunities designed to be challenging yet fun.  Hopefully, building confidence within our students so that they are willing to give future opportunities a chance.

 You can find full details of the School Offer in the document entitled School Offer below.