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Samuel Laycock School

Religious Education

Religious Education Mission Statement

The Importance of teaching Religious Education to pupils with learning difficulties:

We intend to provide students with the opportunity to develop curiosity in and an understanding of themselves, other people and places and the relationships between them.  It provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster awareness of differences within our school and the wider world.  It is a subject that celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes.

Here at Samuel Laycock School:

We implement our curriculum by covering a range of Religions and significant calendar events throughout the year.  They cover a different unit of work each half term and will build upon their knowledge, understanding and responses to previous topics. Where possible students will engage with Philosophy for Children to help them build a rational and reasonable dialogue about things that matter to them and their teachers.  Classes will have access to visits and field trips linked to each topic.  We measure impact by completing book scrutiny and pupil voice.