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Samuel Laycock School

Physical & Outdoor Education

                                  Physical Education Mission Statement

The Importance of teaching Physical Education to pupils with learning difficulties:

We intend to provide students with the opportunity to be inspired to take part in sport – whether it is recreational or competitive. PE provides an opportunity to foster awareness of differences within our school and the wider world.  It is a subject that is an essential part of pupils’ emotional, creative and physical development regardless of their ability, gender, race or culture.  Our mission is to promote lifelong learning through physical activity, exercise and sport while supporting students in making health conscious decisions, meeting challenges, and participating in mentally positive behaviours.

Here at Samuel Laycock School:

We believe that through a comprehensive and quality program, our students will develop into individuals who value physical activity and maintain physically active lifestyles, becoming proficient in a variety of activities and competent in many. Our students will demonstrate personal responsibility, character, integrity, and respect for others in the classroom, gymnasium, and in life.

Classes will have access to various sporting competitions throughout the year including football, rugby and cricket.