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Samuel Laycock School


It is absolutely essential that medication is handed correctly by everyone, at all times. Some everyday medicines can be fatal if mistreated- "a mistake can happen in an instant but the effects can last a lifetime!". Although we will administer medication necessary to allow pupils to maximise their attendance and learning in school, please minimise the medication involving school. Please ensure that you take the following precautions in partnership with school:

  • Avoid the need for medication in school whenever possible
  • Where a child has ongoing medical needs please work closely with medical professionals including the school nurse service.
  • Medication can only been given in school if the written consent form- attached and downloadable below- has been returned to school.
  • Only ever send in medication in sealed containers clearly marked with the pupil's name and the appropriate dose.
  • Only ever send in sealed medication either; a) under the control of an adult or b) with an independent travelling pupil assessed as able to safely transport the medication and then you MUST inform school in advance that they are transporting medication and the amount of medication so that we can check that all the medication has arrived at school and safely store the medication as soon as it arrives on site.