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Samuel Laycock School


 Maths Mission Statement

At Samuel Laycock School our Maths provision has two primary aspirations; to provide our children with the necessary skills and understanding to aid them in identifying and using Maths in their everyday lives and; to promote learning as a worthwhile, enriching and crucial element of being a successful human being.  We address these aspirations through clear sequences of learning, containing a variety of engaging activities, which lead to problem solving for all.

We begin in Key Stage 3 by following a small steps curriculum, designed for the children of Samuel Laycock, which embeds and extends learning.  Objectives are selected and a short assessment (cold task) is carried out to establish more precisely, the children’s level of understanding.  There then follows a sequence of learning catering to the needs of individuals.

When in Key Stage 4 the majority of children are entered for an AQA Entry Level Certificate.  The assessment consists of eight multilevelled tests which enable each student to reach either level 1, 2 or 3.  Students who require further challenge follow an AQA Functional Skills Level 1 Syllabus. 

To ensure that our students receive provision which is appropriate to their needs, maths is taught at the same time across year groups, enabling further differentiation.