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Samuel Laycock School


We aim to make Mathematics accessible to all students and show how useful it can be in everyday life. In Key Stage 3 we use the National Numeracy Strategy selecting a starting point appropriate to each class/student. We place a particular emphasis on basic skills, problem solving, practical work, mental Mathematics and a real life approach (Functional Skills).

Students using the 'BeeBots'

Mathematics lessons are “blocked” on the timetable so all pupils in a year group are taught Mathematics at the same time. This means that Mathematics groups are based on ability and appropriateness and we do not stick to the “S” and “L” groupings.  Pupils from the ASC Base also join the Mathematics groups where the timetable allows it.

Using the 'BeeBots''
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All students are entered for Mathematics Entry Level Certificate at the appropriate level (a mixture of achievement and challenge). They can leave with a certificate at Level 1, 2 or 3.  If this proves beyond some students they can be credited with Units of Accreditation under the AQA Unit Award Scheme. 

All students are also entered for Functional Skills (maths) Entry Level. This is usually at Level 1.  The Functional Skills qualification consists of two real life practical tasks that must be completed independently and assessed, before being submitted to the Examination Board.

In many years, a select few who have achieved Entry Level 3 early enough are entered for GCSE Mathematics. The new version of GCSE with three examination papers, harder topics and higher grade boundaries make this currently less likely.