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Samuel Laycock School


We aim to provide our children with the necessary skills and understanding to aid them in identifying and using maths in their everyday lives.  We begin in Key Stage Three by following the National Curriculum.  We select objectives which match the needs of individuals and explore them using problem solving and practical activities.  For those who show a good understanding of maths we aim for progression across a series of lessons.  Those who find concepts more difficult will encounter lessons which include repetition of objectives within a variety of different contexts.

When in Key Stage Four all children are entered for an AQA Entry Level Certificate.  The assessment consists of eight multileveled tests which enable each student to reach either level 1, 2 or 3.  This year (2018-19), those students in Year 11 who reach a solid level 3 with tests carried out early in term one will then be taught from the AQA Functional Skills Level 1 Syllabus. 

To ensure that our students receive provision which is appropriate to their needs we teach all pupils from the same year group at the same time.  This means that children may attend maths lessons with their partner tutor group.


Our Key Stage Three and Four Curriculum can be found below.


Students using the 'BeeBots'