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Samuel Laycock School


Humanities Mission Statement

At Samuel Laycock School, we teach History and Geography during our Humanities lessons.

We designed our curriculum with the intent of giving children the opportunity to learn more about our local area, as well as other topics such as the Ancient Egyptians and Polar Regions.  We make use of cross-curricular links when possible.

We implement our History curriculum so that students gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  We aim to inspire curiosity and equip students with the skills to ask insightful questions.  History helps children to understand the differences in people’s lives, the process and impact of change and the challenges of their times. 

We implement our Geography curriculum so children are interested and curious about the world around them.  We equip children with knowledge about different places and both natural and human environments.  We develop a deeper understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes and the formation of different environments.  The children’s geographical knowledge allows them to examine the connections between the Earth’s features and how these too change over time.  We also strive to help the students understand their own impact on our ever changing world.

We measure the impact of the curriculum through book scrutinies.