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Samuel Laycock School


Ms Carolyn Wright - Chair of Governors (Co-opted)

FGB Attendance: 67%  Also a governor at West Hill School. Manager at local Sixth Form College.  Current term ends: 23/05/21

Mrs Joyce Howarth - Vice Chair (MBE JP) (Co-opted)

FGB Attendance: 83% Current term ends: 5/5/23

Mr Andrew Foord - Executive Head Teacher

Attendance: 100% Also Executive Head Teacher and a governor at Cromwell High School, Dukinfield.

Ms Sharon Kelly - Co-opted

FGB Attendance: 50%   Current term ends: 25/09/22

Mr Barry Warburton - Parent

FGB Attendance: 100% Current term ends: 03/03/23

Mrs Jane O'Brien- Parent

FGB Attendance: 83% Current term ends: 19/03/22

Ms Rebecca Sherriff- Parent

Attendance: 33% Current term ends: 03/03/23

Mr Mohammed Karim- Co-opted

Attendance: 100%  Current Term ends: 31/12/21

Ms Helen Birchall - Staff

Attendance: 100%   Current Term ends  10/02/23

Committee Structure: 

Teaching and Learning: 

Ms Wright, Mr Foord, Ms Kelly, Ms Birchall

Standards and Curriculum: 

Ms Whittington, Ms Howarth, Ms Kelly, Ms Sherriff

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare: 

Ms Wright, Ms O'Brien, Mr Warburton, Mr Foord

Finance and Resources: 

Ms Wright, Ms Howarth, Mr Karim, Ms Kelly, Mr Foord

Pay Committee: 

Ms Wright, Ms Howarth, Mr Karim

Pay Appeals, Complaints, Pupil Discipline, Head's Performance:

Any 3 governors

Associated Governors (all non-voting):

Ms Jennifer Tinsdeall (Head of School)

Mrs Amanda Daley (Head of KS3 Department)

Mrs Anita Walker (Head of KS4 Department)

Ms Donna West (Head of ASC Department)

Mrs Sharon Whiteside (Bursar)

Former Governors of the last 2 years:

Mr Carey Flint- ended 31/08/18 - former chair of Governors (co-opted) former, now retired, teacher at school

Ms Andrea Hardy- (co-opted) member of staff, ended Spring 2018

Mr Richard Benson- ended 31/12/17- (staff governor)

Ms Nicola Hallam - staff - ended 13/02/19

Ms Woolfenden - LA - ended 22/05/19

Ms Whittington - parent - ended 19/12/18