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Samuel Laycock School


French Misson Statement

Learning a foreign language helps to develop a students’ all-round learning.  At Samuel Laycock School, our key intent is to develop social skills and confidence by teaching and encouraging communication with others.  Students learn about the social and cultural traditions of other people and in so doing they can compare and contrast them with their own.  This helps them to see themselves in the context of the wider world: as citizens of Europe and not just of England, linking with the PSHE theme of Living in the Wider World.  Learning French impacts on students’ general literacy and numeracy skills.  It teaches them about language itself; they have to use their problem-solving skills to put the pieces of the language jigsaw together.

All students learn French in Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9).  French can be taken as an option in Key Stage 4, leading to an ASDAN Short Course qualification and contributing to the completion of ASDAN Personal Development Programmes. The teaching of French contributes to the broad, balanced and engaging curriculum on offer at Samuel Laycock School.


In lessons, students are taught to use the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  By using songs, games, role play and many interactive activities, including the use of an interactive whiteboard, students can learn and have fun while they are progressing at their own level and pace.  All the students achieve and even the most reticent are motivated to take part.  Support staff take an active part in lessons, which helps to encourage students to try for themselves.

Computer skills are used by students and staff to enhance presentation, as a tool of communication and to record work in an interesting and progressive way.  Audio-visual resources are used in which pupils can see the language being used by real French children, which gives relevance to their learning.

Every year in July, we hold a French Day during which students take part in various activities with a French theme.  They are encouraged to dress up and speak French throughout the day and even the catering staff take part by preparing French food for the students to try.