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Samuel Laycock School


We have a specialist teacher of French delivering the subject to students in Years 8 and 9.

Learning a foreign language helps to develop students’ all-round learning.  It develops their social skills and confidence by teaching and encouraging communication with others.  Students learn about the social and cultural traditions of other young people and in so doing they can compare and contrast them with their own.  This helps them to see themselves in the context of the wider world: as citizens of Europe and not just of England.

Learning French helps their literacy and numeracy skills.  It teaches them about language itself; they have to use their problem solving skills to put the pieces of the language jigsaw together.

In the lessons students are taught to use the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  By using songs, games, rôle play and interactive activities on the Smartboard, students can learn and have fun while they are progressing at their own level and pace.  All students are encouraged to progress and are given praise and recognition for this with certificates of achievement.

Each July we promote an understanding of diversity and hold a French Day in school during which students from all years get the opportunity to try new activities with a French theme and learn about the different aspects of culture in the many French-speaking countries around the World.

French Day - 2017