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Samuel Laycock School

Food Technology

Food technology Mission Statement

The key intent of the Food Technology curriculum is to teach our students to:

Samuel Laycock School provides a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum which correlates closely with the school overall intent statement and RESPECT values and Design and Technology particularly encourages the qualities of ‘Resilience’; to keep going to achieve one’s goals and the need for ‘Safety’ as processes and products are designed, made and evaluated.  

We implement the curriculum integrating four strands into a variety of Design and Technology themes:

  • Plan, design & realisation from plan
  • Knowledge of materials and systems
  • Skill & technique
  • Interpretation, Evaluation and Context

At Samuel Laycock School we embrace opportunities to develop design and technological skills among our young people across the curriculum and particularly within the closely associated subject of Art and Design.  Staff play a key role in adapting the planned curriculum to ensure teaching and learning is implemented effectively to meet the changing and emerging needs of different groups of pupils for maximum impact.

We measure the impact of our curriculum at KS3 through assessment, evidence in portfolios, books and key milestones.  In KS4 students have the opportunity to choose Construction, Food Technology or Enterprise as a subject and work towards accreditation at ASDAN vocational qualification level.