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Samuel Laycock School


English Mission Statement

The principal intent of our English curriculum is to provide our children with the necessary skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening so that they are able to communicate effectively in the wider world.  In particular, we intend to equip them with literacy skills so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education and can learn to function as independently as possible as they grow towards adulthood.

We implement our curriculum at Key Stage 3 by following a structured sequence of learning based on the key principles of ‘Talk for Writing’.  First, the students are encouraged to write a short assessed piece of writing (cold task), which is carefully assessed to identify their next steps in learning.  The teaching sequence is then designed to cater to the needs of individuals.  Initially we focus on being able to re-tell both fiction and non-fiction texts.  We use ‘reading as a reader’ technique and ‘reading as a writer’ technique to unpick text types.  We then use structured modelling to prepare the children for writing.  Finally, the children are able to use what they have learnt to write their own version of different text types.  Their progress is monitored using our internal assessment and moderation processes and action taken in response to this information in order to optimise achievement for each student.

In Key Stage 4, we measure the impact of our curriculum by entering the majority of young people for an OCR Entry Level Certificate and for students for whom it is appropriate, Functional Skills Level 1 or 2.  A very few of our students are not able to achieve these standardised national certificates and will receive AQA unit award certificates to accredit their achievements.