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Samuel Laycock School


The English Department has specialist teachers delivering differentiated lessons to meet the individual and ever-changing diverse needs of students.

The development in our students’ work and their levels of achievement has risen consistently over recent years.  All our students achieve external accreditation in the form of AQA Unit Awards, most achieve Entry Level Certificate and some even GCSE.

English is taught in a way that enables students to participate fully.  They are introduced to a range of prose, poetry and drama to stimulate their imaginations and give them the opportunity to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

A major emphasis is placed on the development of speech and communication.  The ability to write in a legible form is encouraged, in addition to the use of Information Technology for research, spelling, grammar and punctuation exercises, as well as to enhance presentation.

Reading is supported throughout the school, with all Form Tutors and Teaching Assistants listening to students read and encouraging them to achieve.  Some assembly time each week is dedicated to traditional story-telling, with members of staff sharing a loved tale with the students.  The success of this system is apparent in the ever- increasing reading ability scores and the engagement of the students with the written word.

Holmes & Watson
World Book Day Winners 2017
The Winners Certificate