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Samuel Laycock School


All students are taught this subject for one lesson a week, in both Key stages 3 and 4.  The curriculum is based around the National Programme of Study, which has been adapted, as appropriate, to suit the needs and abilities of our students.  Every student in the class has access to either a PC laptop or iPad, depending on the focus of the lesson.  The main areas studied are:

  • Animation and Multimedia
  • Computer Programming
  • Data and Number Handling
  • E-Safety
  • Presenting Information

Within each of these areas, students are able to participate in both challenging and innovative activities.

In addition to Computing lessons, the use of Technology is embedded in many other curriculum areas, where students have the opportunity to apply their skills in a different context.  It should be emphasized that although E-Safety is studied during Computing lessons, it forms part of the whole school Safeguarding Policy and the ethos of the whole school.

Filming Using a 'Green Screen'
Using an iPad to edit the Video