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Samuel Laycock School

Attendance and Absence

Maximising student attendance is a priority for everyone at school.  If your child is going to be absent because they are too ill to learn or has an essential appointment that can't be rearranged to outside of school time you must let school know by 9am.  We have to establish where every student is every day to make sure they are safe.  Please see the attachment below that gives advice on when your child needs to be off school due to illness.

All evidence suggests that attendance is one of the key factors in how well a child does at school.  Maintaining a regular routine of attendance is essential. Samuel Laycock School encourages good attendance by using appropriate rewards.  Where a students attendance drops below acceptable levels we will seek to support families in restoring good levels of attendance and will work closely with medical professionals, if the cause is related to health.  Where absolutely necessary, in the interests of the child, we will work within the legal framework to ensure acceptable rates of attendance including, reluctantly, referral for fines.  Please be aware that, due to government guidance, it is not normally possible to authorise family holidays in school time.  The Government also advises that, if a student does go on holiday without authorisation, this is likely to result in referral to the Local Authority for them to consider issuing a fine. 

For any attendance advice please contact Mrs Husband (our Attendance Officer) at the school.  She will be more than happy to assist you.