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Samuel Laycock School

Omegle & Chatroulette

'Omegle' has recently been highlighted in the media as a site being increasingly used by children, especially whilst they are working from home.  It is a website that pairs strangers for live text or video chats.  Its slogan is “Talk to strangers!” There’s an option for adult (18+) content and a section for people aged 13+ with parental permission.  Anyone can use this site.  'Omegle' markets itself as a great way to meet new friends, however, it has been known to feature pornography and inappropriate content within chats, so it’s important parents/carers are aware of the risks associated with the site.

Visit the 'Netaware' summary here:

In addition, please be aware of a similar site, 'Chatroulette'.   This site is promoted by the designer of the site using the following statement:

"So, yeah, we connect people. By putting two users face to face on video chat. At random". 

Visit the 'Netaware' summary here: 

Please find guidance detailing the risks involved with this site.